Thanks for stopping by Heart Publications! We are excited to tell you about some new developments happening in our ministry. This post will answer two primary questions: 'What has changed?’ and 'How can we serve you moving forward?’.

What has changed?

First, let’s start with a brief bit of history. Heart Publications grew out of the ministry of Dr. Steve Pettit, a man who faithfully proclaimed the gospel in local churches for over 25 years. In 1992, Steve and his wife, Terry, established a team of young musicians and preachers to travel with them in the ministry of evangelism. Three years later, Steve founded Heart Publications in order to produce and distribute the team’s resources to churches and individuals worldwide. Throughout the course of the Pettits’ ministry, over 55 team members served alongside them as they ministered in hundreds of churches, produced nearly 20 recorded albums, and published a variety of sheet music resources.
In 2014, the evangelistic team formally ended as God moved the Pettits into a brand new ministry at Bob Jones University. Recently, Steve & Terry have also decided to formally step away from Heart Publications to allow new leadership to continue the company’s mission.
"This new phase of ministry is guided by an advisory counsel of like-minded church musicians and pastors with similar background and ministry experience."

Meet our advisory council.

Many of our contributors have had the privilege of serving side-by-side with Steve & Terry. Although we are sad to see them step away from Heart Publications, we are grateful for the influence they have had on us personally and on hundreds of churches nationwide.  Our new leadership is excited to faithfully carry on Heart's mission to glorify God by producing biblically grounded resources for individual and corporate worship.

How we help you moving forward.

As we move forward, we are committed to producing resources that are biblically grounded, local church driven, and representative of a variety of perspectives to local church worship.

Biblically Ground Resources

Worship resources accurately reflecting God's Word and character.

Local Church Driven

Worship resources effectively equipping the local church and its individual members.

Variety of Perspective

Worship resources intentionally representing a variety of churches and ministries, each differing in size, location, demographic and approach.

Ultimately, we desire to provide tools that worship pastors and lay-leaders can use to encourage vibrant corporate and individual worship for the glory of God. Therefore, you can expect recorded albums, new sheet music, 'how-to' blog posts, and more from Heart Publications! 

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