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La Sangre Hermosa (Digital Album)

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La Sangre Hermosa - Digital Album
La Sangre Hermosa (Digital Album) focuses on the subject of Jesus Christ and His love and mercy for those who repent of their sin and come to Him.



In December of 2009, the Pettit Team traveled to the Southern American countries of Venezuela, Peru, and Chile. The group was invited by national missionaries and pastors to perform sacred music concerts. Through the duration of the trip it became evident that very little conservative Christian music had been produced for spanish speaking Christians. In response to this need, the Pettit Team produced La Sangre Hermosa.

Salvation is God's gift to those who repent and claim Christ on the basis of His mercy shown to them in the Gospel. When we taste and see the goodness of God, nothing of this world can take us from the complete satisfaction we have found in Him. What exalts Christ is what delights the regenerate heart. Our goal for this collection of Spanish songs is to be a rich blessing to our hermanos españoles who have experienced the love of Christ. Christ is the subject of the majority of this collection. Could there be a better subject?

En diciembre del año 2009, el grupo Steve Pettit Evangelistic Team viajó a los países de Venezuela, Perú y Chile. El grupo fue invitado por misioneros y pastores nacionales para presentar conciertos de música sagrada. El viaje hizo evidente que poca música cristiana conservadora ha sido producida para creyentes hispanos. En respuesta a esto, el grupo produjo el cd La Sangre Hermosa.

La salvación es el regalo de Dios para aquellos que se arrepienten y claman a Cristo por Su misericordia. Cuando saboreamos y vemos la bondad de Dios, nada de este mundo nos podrá traer satisfacción completa otra vez. Lo que magnifica a Cristo deleita nuestra alma. "Divino Amor" será una rica bendición para aquellos que han experimentado ese amor de Cristo. ¿Podría haber un tema mejor?


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