Jesus Saves: Songs of the Cross - Piano Solos Book

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This new piano solo book by Kristin Campbell is a fresh, compelling collection of hymns that will fix your mind on Christ's incarnation, holiness, sacrifice, immortality, omni-presence, love and mercy. These are the unchanging truths, and we can find refuge amidst change all around us.

Difficulty: Late Intermediate/Early Advanced

Buy an extra copy of the song, Jesus Saves, to play the piano duet here.



"The Psalmist invites us to sing (and a pianist might add "play") to the Lord a new song. (Ps. 96:1). Kristin Campbell's expressive piano collection is filled with meaningful songs and hymns that have made their way into the worship of churches like yours and mine in recent years. The superbly crafted arrangements fit perfectly under the hands of pianists who faithfully offer their talents week in and week out. These settings will encourage, uplift, and inspire those who play and those hear them as our Lord is lifted up in music."

- Lloyd Larson

"JESUS SAVES (Songs of the Cross) is a collection of piano arrangements compiled from some of the lovely, modern hymns of our faith. These arrangements lead us to worship and praise our Savior for his love, grace, and mercy. Kristin Campbell has artistically and sensitively crafted these arrangements. In this collection, she writes “simply beautifully,” meaning that these songs are quite accessible for most pianists, very expressive, and “uncluttered.” Whether prayerful and meditative, or joyful and uplifting, each arrangement can be played as an offering of praise to our God."

- Cindy Berry

"Church pianists will thoroughly enjoy this collection of well-known and well-loved modern Christian songs. Kristen capably strikes a balance between gentle warmth and vibrant energy. Seasoned with an array of rhythmic and harmonic creativity, these arrangements will quickly become an essential resource in your church music library."

- James Koerts

"Living in this fast-paced, ever-changing American culture, we find ourselves longing for unchanging and stabilizing truths. We need truths that anchor our hearts and minds. As you practice and play the arrangments in this collection, I trust that the texts of these hymns will cause you to think and meditate on our unchanging God, and that the music would lift your emotions to rejoice in the character of God. Let these hymns fix your mind on Christ's incarnation, holiness, sacrifice, immortality, omni-presence, love and mercy. These are the unchanging truths, and we can find refuge amidst change all around us."

- Kristin Campbell, 2015

Song Titles: (Click to view samples)
1. Alas, and Did My Savior Bleed
2. Be Unto Your Name
3. Coventry Carol
4. Doxology
5. Immortal, Invisible
6. Jesus, Draw Me Ever Nearer
7. Jesus Saves (Piano Duet)
8. Jesus, Thank You
9. Merciful God
10. O Wondrous Love
11. Wonderful, Merciful Savior


Customer Reviews

Can't wait for more! Review by Stacia
I enjoy playing from this book. It is not too hard, yet provides challenge. I like the songs and how some arrangements mix two songs together (ex. O Wondrous Love). I appreciate how the melody is clearly heard throughout the song. (Posted on 3/19/15)
Intricate yet simple enough to sight read Review by Darianne
I have long waited for a piano solo book that was filled with selections of fresh and favorite hymns. The arrangements are beautiful to listen to—sounding rich and full— yet are simple enough to be enjoyed when sight read by an intermediate pianist. Thank you for making this book available! (Posted on 3/15/15)
Love it!! Review by Mom of 6
These songs are very wonderfully arranged. I'm having a hard time deciding which one to do first. My daughter is working on her part of the Jesus Saves duet and I can't wait to do that one!! But then I really like Immortal, Invisible and I play it so much that my kids keep humming it. But there's also Alas, And Did My Savior Bleed which would be perfect for Palm Sunday or Easter. Did I mention that there's also O Wondrous Love ... one of my favorites! Yep, lots to choose from and each one is arranged differently ... by that I mean it's not all one style. Kristen Campbell takes the message of the song and matches it worshipfully in style. Thank you!! (Posted on 3/13/15)
Hope more arrangements come soon! Review by Connie
I am absolutely enjoying the piano arrangements in my new book. I was a bit disappointed about 'Jesus Saves' being a piano duo, but it is my favorite song on the CD, Before You Now, and a piano solo wouldn't do it justice. I love the CD so much that I have requested it to be played as background music for my funeral. What a great way to witness to the lost! (Posted on 3/13/15)
Simply Praiseful! Review by Becky
This book is filled with songs I love! The simple style really focuses the mind and heart on the words. I've already given it to a friend to look at! (Posted on 3/12/15)
Such a refreshing collection! Review by Amy
I so appreciate the fresh take on some classics and newer hymns in this book. 'Jesus Saves' is simple enough for the late intermediate pianist. It balances 'modern' and conservative stylings to remain uplifting and fresh without being showy or distracting. I'm so thankful for Hear Pulications' and Kristin Campbell's commitment to providing solid, new music for the church. (Posted on 3/12/15)
Love the Book! Review by Angela
I love this book! I especially like that the arrangements are not "showy" and allows the melody and text to shine in each song! I am so thankful for the ministry of Heart Publications & Kristin Campbell who provide new music for worship whether it be personal or corporate. Thank you! (Posted on 3/11/15)

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