Steve Pettit Evangelistic Team: The Best of 20 Years

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This is a 2-disc compilation of 31 of the best songs from all 18 Pettit Team CDs. The older songs have been digitally remixed and remastered to the current standards of sound, breathing fresh life into these 'favorites' that will minister grace to your heart!



"One of the greatest joys of my life has been the privilege to serve with the people I love the most. For 20 years, we traveled with an evangelistic team ministering the Gospel to thousands of people through preaching and singing. The songs on this album represent the best of 20 years of ministry and recordings by the Steve Pettit Evangelistic Team. There were many songs we did not choose simply because we were limited to two CDs in this collection. Each song has a unique story behind its selection, and the memories of how they came to us still linger in my mind. My hope is that both the text and the tune will communicate grace to your hearts as you are engaged in listening to them."

- Steve Pettit, Evangelist

"When we were recording in the studio last January, we had no idea that it would be the last time. Now looking back, I am grateful to have been apart of that week with the team. While recording weeks are intense, focused, exhausting weeks, they are also wonderful weeks of worship and refreshment for me as I hear the team sing truth over and over. Listening to this compilation of music from the last 20 years of the Pettit Team has brought back so many good memories. Memories of churches where we ministered, memories of times in the studio, memories of lessons learned, and memories of relationships. But most importantly as I listened to these songs again, my heart began to praise God as I heard the character and work of God proclaimed over and over."

- Kristin Campbell, Team Member from 2003-2005

"Wow! The Best of 20 years CD has brought back some powerful and awesome memories, but when the song "How Deep the Father's Love" started to play, it was as if it all happened yesterday. I remember running in to a music store and buying a Celtic CD for Steve's birthday from the whole team. We put it in the CD player and this song comes on. We never heard it before, and we all sat there moved by the text and in tears. Of course, we took this song and made it our own, and every time we would sing it, our hearts were challenged to not boast in anything except Jesus Christ! Thanks for producing a better quality of sound through this CD and for pointing our hearts to Jesus again."

- Kevin Inafuku, Team Member from 2000-2003

"When I first heard the new mix of Creator of It All, I couldn’t believe how much clearer and better the music sounded! The new mix has brought a freshness to this CD that makes it even more enjoyable to listen to.  I wish the whole CD could be mixed like this!"

- Reba Snyder, Team Member from 2005-2008

"I am super excited about the “Best of 20 Years” CD! It will be a cherished collection of so many great songs that have been sung over the years. The older selections sound great with the updated technology! Hearing “More Love” again brought back many memories because Christy and I sang this as a duet every week. Although this song is very dear to us, the text is very difficult to sing because it reveals so much of what is often in our heart. So often we can serve Jesus, but yet that service is motivated by man’s praise. The text of More Love reminds us that “all will be lost” when we stand before Jesus if our “motives are not love-inspired!” I am thankful for this song's impact on my life!"

- Matt Taylor, Team Member from 2003-2005


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Such a blessing! Review by sherley
What a blessing!
Hearing the songs over and over on Abiding Radio and every time am so amazed at who God is. How uplifting and God-honoring! (Posted on 12/5/16)

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